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Tuesday, October 20, 2009



The September 28 and 29 relief operations by the JMCIM, led by some of the beloved Almeda children, for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) at select Marikina, Pasig, and Cainta neighborhoods

Monday, September 14, 2009


By Beloved Bro. ROMULO JUAN, SR. — Baguio City, Philippines
Posted on 24 Feb 2004

I was a licensed Pastor in one of the congregations in Baguio City but my personal life was a complete turn around to what I preached. My wife and I often fought even over small things. During these fights, I had the habit of breaking objects in our house such as dinnerwares, drinking glasses and such other things. In her pride, she would make matters worse by finishing off with what was not broken. We were like total strangers in our house as when each time our paths crossed, we would pretend not to know each other. Our fighting brought us to the brink of separation.

One day in the year 1991, I was minding my own business of selling when I was drawn to a large crowd in Burnham Park that was a crusade of the JESUS Miracle Crusade International Ministry. There I was able to witness miracles of healing such as goiter vanishing in an instant after prayer, the crippled walk again with their crutches held up high and cleansing of skin-diseased persons. I did not know GOD drew me to HIM in that crusade. I then accepted JESUS CHRIST as my personal SAVIOR that day. When I went home to tell my wife about the salvation I received, I was overwhelmed by the SPIRIT of GOD because she too was saved in that crusade. I Praise and Thank GOD that now HE uses me as an instrumentalist and my wife as a member of the Adults Choir.


By Beloved Sis. ANNA LIZA S. BUNCODIN — Baay North, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines
Posted on 09 Mar 2004

Praise the Mighty and Most Precious Name of our Dearest JESUS CHRIST! I was saved in 1991 although I was but a child then. My parents were in the verge of separation by then and separated way before I could convince them to serve the LORD. I choose to be with my mother and I was not able to continue serving GOD because of what had happened. A few years ago, I had a growth in my right shoulder close to my neck which alarmed me. I ask my mother if we could have it checked by the doctors and surely enough they said it was Tubercolisis of the skin. But the growth became bigger and bigger as time passed by. My aunt and her family, who were serving the LORD in Baguio City, asked me to bring back the warmth of serving GOD and to serve HIM for good. I then decided to go to the City of Baguio where I can serve GOD. I was told to fast and pray and it was during this time that the lump in my shoulder burst which left a crater as big as a golf ball that one can see my veins. I did not know I was already being healed of the cancer which manifested as skin tubercolosis. I used to be a juvenile delinquent when I was in a broken family. I was unholy, I drank alcohol and went to parties and discoed with my friends. I used foul words and I was bitter to the world. Now, our family is restored and I became an obedient child and law abiding when I began to serve the LORD again. All Praise and Glory be unto GOD!


By Beloved Bro. MARIO DONGAIL — Gibraltar Rd., Baguio City, Philippines
Posted on 09 Mar 2004

Praise the LORD! I was saved through my wife who was sickly. I was a mere security guard whose income was not sufficient to support the medical needs of my wife but I Praise and Thank our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST, HE rescued my wife from her condition and given her salvation through this church, the JESUS Miracle Crusade International Ministry. I could imagine how much money would I need to be able to sustain the medicine needed and further expenses for surgery operations that my wife needed in order to survive. She had cysts in her breast, Anemia, Sinusitis, dysmenorrhea, vertigo, Peptic Ulcers and Skin Allergies. Counting the money needed for these sicknesses would make a rich man poor and the poor man poorer or hopeless. JESUS CHRIST is indeed the HOPE of the poor. For ever since we served GOD in this ministry, we never had to worry for the sicknesses that we had much less our daily provisions. JESUS CHRIST was there to Provide for our needs and Heal our sicknesses. Not only Provide and Heal but to Protect and Guide and Give Peace of mind and of the heart. All these are the Heirloom of GOD's children and we Praise and Thank HIM. All Glory, Power and Honor unto our LORD JESUS CHRIST!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life is complicated as it is, but knowing GOD makes life easier to live with

By Beloved Sis. JASMINE KANG-OWAN — Baguio City, Philipppines
Last updated on 05 Dec 2008

First of all, I want to give praise to our Mighty Lord Jesus. Secondly, greetings to our dearly Honorable Pastor Wilde E. Almeda, our late Asst. Pastor Lina C. Almeda and to all our brethren globally.

I was born not knowing the real GOD. I've always heard "there is GOD" but I never had insight about HIM. Until time came when my mother was invaded by a disease unknown to medical science. We sought treatment from different medical specialists. She underwent two operations and different kinds of medical therapies. We even consulted quack doctors and other religious groups but we failed in finding cure for my mum. Our family was holistically drained, especially my mum. She was ready to give up and let death come along. Then we heard about Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, they will be having a crusde at the Melvin Jones Grandstand (year 1997). We entered to find cure for my mother's disease, instead we found GOD. In that moment, we have opened a new chapter in our lives. I have witnessed how my mum got better and better everyday. She had a better outlook in life. She craved for the knowledge of God's Word and was very thankful for that knowledge. Her spiritual blessing reflected on her physical, emotional and mental being. How she rose from the pit of darkness gave new hope in us. The relationship that I build with GOD through time makes me a better person. It gives me security, believing that I can surpass any block that will come my way. I consider it as a privilege, living my life according to HIS law because I know the best of life is yet to come. The happiness I am feeling everyday, believing that GOD is with me in my journey, is the greatest satisfaction. Life is complicated as it is, but knowing GOD makes life easier to live with. It is by believing wherein you will see what one's faith in GOD can bring in your life.

I want to thank our LORD JESUS for continually showering me with HIS blessings. HE is always there guiding me in doing the right thing; comforting me when I feel so depressed; giving me strength in surpassing all the troubles I have had. Also, this day, I am very thankful because I am celebrating my 22nd year in life. A life growing with our dearly GOD is beyond incomparable because the happiness, peace, hope, understanding, blessings and love HE gives me and my family are such an incredible opportunity. With that, I want to give HIM praise and honor. The last 11 years and running in serving HIM have been a wonderful life. Even with our shortcomings, HE is always there.

Praise the LORD! HALLELUJAH!!! All the glory and honor are only for our dearly GOD.


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